“We got…96 applications, 20 telephone consultations, 5 new customers, $80,000 in revenue. All from just one email to our client's list.”


"I can only hope my competitors don’t get their hands on this guy...”

Allen Wu (eFinancial)

Attn: Entrepreneurs & Growth-Minded Businesses

Ever feel like no matter how hard you work on a marketing campaign you’re still completely invisible to the people who matter most?

Are "the right words" dancing right there on the tip of your tongue but still always just beyond your grasp?

Ever poured blood, sweat and soul into writing for your audience and got nothing but dead silence in return?

Or spent weeks, even months, creating a new landing page only to see qualified traffic bounce back like a wine bottle hurled at a brick wall?

Convinced your revenues would EXPLODE if only you could find a way to communicate the potential for your offer to transform lives or businesses?

The #1 Question to Ask When Selling Online:

"How Do I Tap Into the Emotions of My Target Market?”

(Yes, that even applies in B2B.)

Look, I've been selling my entire life... even as a 9-year-old hustler divvying up bags of candy to piece out to the other kids at school.

(I mean, what's sexier than candy?!)


I've run several businesses and worked with HUNDREDS of clients as a copywriter, even Fortune 500 companies, over a decade to promote and sell via the internet.

Aside from crafting copywriting campaigns, I currently work for a B2B Marketing firm (we've driven nearly $100 million in new revenue for 454 clients in 70+ industries in the last 59 months alone).

What I've learned is this:

To create written communications powerful enough to get people whipping out their credit cards, it’s a PROVEN FACT that first you need to peel open their noggins and get an accurate glimpse of the hearts and minds of the people you serve.

Because Once You Discover The Hidden Buying Triggers Buried In The Minds of Your Perfect Prospects...

They'll DROWN you with their attention...

They’ll leave raving testimonials and feedback (which can even be leveraged to increase conversions and lower marketing spend)…

They’’ll hang on to every word you say (and that's the ONLY way you’ll get a chance to close deals)…

They’ll email and call to THANK YOU for selling to them….

They’ll become loyal customers who buy and buy again (meaning higher lifetime value per customer)…

Hey, maybe you're already seeing this kind of response from your prospects and customers. If so, that's awesome! I'd love to help you keep doing that.

But if this is all a foreign language to you…

I’m here to translate your good intentions into increased profits.

But Who Is Brian James, Anyways?

I'm a freelance brand and sales copywriter who helps businesses like yours gain exposure, build authority, create relationships and increase profits online.

In 15+ years as a freelancer I’ve written copy for Mike Shreeve, Dr. Joe Vitale, UpViral, New Market Health, Adam Lyons, Chase Amante (Girls Chase), eFinancial, Progressive Insurance, BlueCross BlueShield, Cigna Global, Fidelity Investments, the American Lung Association, Aston Business School, The ALS Association, Olofson Group, Kajabi and many more...

(Not to mention providing "behind-the-scenes" backup for a few of the copywriting powerhouses and IM superstars you know by name.)

In the past, I've written a single email that pulled in $80,000, a sales funnel that cleared $600,000 in the first week of launch (stood as control for the next 3 or 4 years) and a long-form pitch (similar to what you see on this page) to move a $30,000 business program.

Not only is the written word my sole business and career but I've taught other writers to build careers offering these services as well (and they pay me $600 a month in coaching fees to do so). In this capacity alone, I've taught a small handful of young men to build and market successful small businesses online.

But this isn’t really about me, is it?

What’s it’s really about is…

A Proven, Repeatable Step- by-Step Sales Conversation!

Everything I do is rooted in persuasion psychology and timeless copywriting tactics.

We get creative between the lines, we move product...


Listen, I used to believe in the "if you build it, they will come" approach too.

Create something of value, put a price tag on it and the world beats a path to your door…right?

Unfortunately, progress isn’t built on good intentions alone. And we humans are funny creatures who make decisions based on our feelings and animal brains more than we do logic and reason.

Please don't stop creating high-quality products and services that actually offer VALUE (in fact, I insist you do if we're going to work together).

The world needs creators like you!

But the Naked Truth About Selling is Sometimes You Need to Tug Heartstrings to Inspire Action

(I don't make the rules here - I just abide by them.)

If what you want is truly an IMPROVEMENT in the lives of those you serve...

A real solution to a real problem...

Seducing them is actually your job!

I found out the hard way, in the trenches, that effective selling requires PSYCHOLOGICAL TRIGGERS and a PREDICTABLE PROCESS.

So I started studying the marketing and direct response copywriting strategies of the greats – Craig Clemens, Dan Kennedy, John Carlton, Ben Settle, Clayton Makepeace, Eben Pagan, Jay Abraham, Perry Marshall and Andre Chaperon, among others – and incorporating those lessons into my work.

I became a student of sales writing and persuasion psychology.

And if you’ve read this far into this sales letter here, well, you have to admit the results speak for themselves... am I right?

The Whole Town's Talking About What "Words To Wow" Can Do For Your Business

“One of the best sales writers I've ever worked with. This guy knows his stuff and every penny I spent in hiring him gave me a minimum of a 300% ROI." - Mike Shreeve

"Brian is THE BEST copywriter of the several I've worked with. He really took the time to understand my offer and help me communicate it clearly and effectively to my audience. If you are considering working with him, GO FOR IT. I give him my highest possible recommendation." - Steve Schwartz (LSAT Unplugged)

My first engagement with Brian was to polish a sales letter that was important to my business. Without question, Brian James is a craftsman with words! I feel true admiration for someone who demonstrates excellence in his or her work. Brian is that type of true professional.” - Rodney Powell (Powell Property Tax)

"Hey man! Finailly reviewing the copy! You did not hold back! Freakin' nailed it!" - Jon Rumens (FocusMe)

"I have a love/hate relationship with you right now. 🙂 You hit the nail on the head of everything I've been struggling with for years in this business. I have so far in 2018/2019 invested 7k in copywriting for the website. No one has figured it out like you.” - Anonymous Client

"Holy shit. You're really good at this. Can't wait to chat tomorrow. Thank you!" - Mike Tingey (Fluid App)

"Brian is an astute copywriter that delivered on jobs for me several times. He was incredibly thorough in learning about the job and did an incredible job at making sure our copy converted. Highly recommend working with Brian!" - Robert Brauer (Hippie Capitalist, Prophet Marketing LLC)

“The article you did for me was featured in the Bridal magazine for this past weekends Bridal Show. It was so well received that the show organizers featured our company on the front page!" - Lisa Gray ("Do Your Own Mortgage")

Brian is entrepreneurial and understands what business is about. The service he offers is keyed at results." - Rick Rakauskas (Customer Builders PPC Ad Agency)

"Brian is an exceptionally talented writer! Every article he has written for me has been well researched, informative, easy to read, entertaining... and to top it all of, beautifully proofread! He is a pleasure to work with as well and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his work.” - Lynda Du Cros (Affiliate Marketer)

"I've had the pleasure of working with Brian on a couple of different projects. He is very detailed and he genuinely cares about getting the right message out for you in the way you want it delivered. I had read a book about a particular type of messaging. Brian was somewhat familiar with it, but he read the book on his own time to make sure he knew exactly what it was that I wanted. He also spent a lot of time making sure that he understood me and my message. I've worked with a ton of copywriters over the years. Brian will remain my number one choice. If you're considering using his talent, you won't be disappointed.” - Cynthia Corsetti (Executive Coaching)

"Brian is an exceptional copywriter who pays the utmost attention to his work. He is a go-giver and really takes the time to understand his clients' clients before taking on any writing project. I would recommend him a thousand times if I could. He values his clients and provides an amazing result-driven service."
- Allen Wu (eFinancial, Fidelity, Amazon Product Services)

“We got….96 applications, 20 telephone consultations, 5 new customers, $80,000 in revenue. All from just one email to our client's list.” - Booster365

"Wow... I never really know how much my writing sucks until you fix it... you really do write well. Impressive... We may tweak it a little, especially which testimonials we use. But I love how you did this... I really do...” - Anonymous Client

“Working with dozens of copywriters over the years, I know quality copy when I see one. Brian James is not only prompt and has blazing turnaround times, he is passionate about his craft. You can tell by the extensive questionnaire he gives your right from the get go. You wouldn't want anyone who is a degree cooler than fiery passionate to work on your copy. Because copy is one of the MOST important elements when it comes to business and you can't afford to skimp on this critically important piece for your business. He has already worked on 2 copies for our company and from the rate we're going, I can see it multiplying into dozens. Highly recommended!" - Stevie Drive (Job to Freedom)

“It was one of the best decisions we ever made. He ran with the information we gave him, and made it flow and attractive to our potential customers. I have received a lot of positive feedback, and 3 new customers within the first 10 days of advertising our site using Facebook. I HIGHLY recommend Brian, and consider him a friend now as well as the reason my business is getting new customers. Thanks Brian!” - Joseph H. Smith Landscaping Services

"Mark loved it! He left comments in a few places to strengthen it, but he's very happy. We'd like to give you as much work as you're willing to take on."  [...] "I looked over this with Mark. He said, 'Who is this guy? This is brilliant.' He's never called me brilliant, so that's a great start! Seriously, it's really well done." - Blaise Perrone (Castor Abbott Financial Marketing)

"Brian is an excellent writer who always manages to come up with very creative articles. His work is backed by a high level of expertise and experience. If you are looking for a seasoned writer to create quality content for your business that is well-researched, educational and engaging, you should hire Brian immediately - you will be very glad you did! ” - Oliver Krausfield 

“Brian is an incredibly talented and versatile writer. He works quickly and has a keen ability to tackle a wide variety of topics with an uncanny level of expertise. He's incredibly personable and an all around pleasure to collaborate with on projects of any scale." - Heather Grzelka, Maidera PR

You're a mind magician!” - Dwayne Gray (TestRun Online)

So What Makes This Different Than All Those Freelance “Writers” Beating Down Your Door For Work?

  • I Create Copy That Actually Sells! Don't confuse freelance writers or bloggers with copywriters. Writing and copywriting are in completely different universes. Copywriting is the orchestration of an intentional sales process through the written word, using time-tested sales strategy and the psychology of influence. Yes, actual persuasion with actual outcomes... (And I happen to be pretty good at it!)
  • The Obvious One? I’m NOT Begging For Work! You really want one of these hungry writers who can barely keep a roof over their own head helping build your sales funnel?! So many freelance writers and even self-proclaimed "copywriters" have begged me to show them how to get clients. If they’re so good at persuasion why are they offering to create your pillar marketing collateral for pennies on the dollar?
  • I’m A Seasoned Entrepreneur! I have the opposite of an employee mindset. See, I’m a lifelong entrepreneur who grew up hustling for a buck while my competition was still getting an allowance... I've run several of my own businesses since, both online and offline, and I haven’t held a “normal job” since my early 20s. So I know what it’s like to put your money out there, cross your fingers and wonder if you're going to sink or swim. I’ve also dabbled in affiliate marketing, blogging and selling my own products online, like coaching programs where other copywriters hire me at $600 per month to help them create pitches and sell their services…Bottom line: I know what it feels like to be you.
  • I’m One Of The Fellas (You Might Even Like Me). I’m not hiding behind a computer here. And I actually INSIST on a call to get to know each other before we hit the gas on this. You'll have my Skype and personal email, and if you’re in my town, hey, we can meet up, shake hands and grab a beer or coffee too. By the way, at least one guy who took me up on that offer posted online that I was the most charismatic person he ever met! I don't mean to over-toot my own horn here (even if I am anyways)... But not only does this make me much more of a pleasure to work with but gives me more of a “street sense” for how people operate, think and behave. People skills are an asset any salesman or copywriter needs!
  • I ACTUALLY DO Work While You Sleep. I’ve lived in Southeast Asia for over a decade. This depends on your location but for most clients it means I work while you sleep – without the cultural barriers and mismatched standards, since I'm American. Imagine the satisfying feeling when you wake up, stretch and open your phone to see projects finished in your inbox... completed with the same attention and care you'd give them yourself... Imagine crisis strikes and you have a caffeine-fueled workaholic gunning for you on the other side of the planet while you get your beauty sleep... Going to bed buried in a nail-biting emergency and waking up with a sigh of relief to see the fire already out...
  • I’m In This For Life. I’m not one of these dime-store copywriters faking know-how based on a "feel for copywriting" or a single earmarked book about writing ads from the 1920s (not that these books don’t have their place). Or just doing this "freelancing thing" to “get by” until their “big break” ushers in the life they really want. No, this is my art, my craft and my full-time career. I take it very seriously, and I constantly upgrade my skills. Right now I’m taking an email marketing course by Andre Chaperon and studying material by Ben Settle, Roy Furr, Ray Edwards and Bob Bly. A few weeks from now I’ll be reading someone else. And I study other marketing skills to bring more value to our projects.
  • You're WAY MORE Than A Paycheck To Me! Too many writers see a closed deal with a new client as another payday. They churn out the work so they can turn it in, cash you out and move on. Often you’re lucky if you even get the deliverables on time if at all! I’m not interested in one-off partnerships - to me a closed deal is the beginning of something much bigger. Preferably we'll work together for YEARS. That means your successes are my successes. And I’m not going anywhere - let's give it another whack if we don’t get it right the first time around...

Not a "Will-Work-for-Food" Writer!

Here's How Much It Costs For Copy That Works For You (Even When You're Not Working)

As you probably know, projects and niches vary in complexity. Complex jobs may accrue additional fees, but here are typical rates you can expect when I quote your project.

Not an exhaustive list here.

(Just send a message if you're unsure.)

Starts at $6,000/ month (Or "pay per performance")

Wake up, nurture, and get more sales from your list using "story-telling" emails in the style of Ben Settle, Matt Furey, Roy Furr and David Dee. Way too human for AI to replicate! Note: Ask about the limited-time "pay for results" offer for this service.

$250/ email

Follow-ups, autoresponders, email courses, cold outreach, dailies, power pitches... Nothing builds trust, closes deals and secures profits like 24/7 access to your prospect's inbox.

$5,000 - $10,000 (4000+ words)

Long-form copy for "smack that buy button" persuasion. This is usually the most effective way to sell (or get them on a sales call) when you want to move those high-ticket products and services. Negotiable for shorter pages.

$2500 - $5000

Professional shouldn't mean stuffy. Breathe a whole new life into your brand with my proven process for digging down into what makes you unique in your market... and then turning your website into a 24/7 sales tool!

$750 - $1000

For brief pitches and "squeezes." Go for those easy impulse buys or get them on your list so you can market to them again and over again...

$250/ minute

Catch em' and keep em' with video sales letter and webinar scripts that grab their attention, suck them in and convert rapt viewers into believers and then buyers...

$3,000 (10 500-word articles or equivalent)

Every article or other piece of content you publish should work like an advertorial, blending authoritative writing and sales writing techniques, thus creating mini "salesmen" for your business. Let's build cred and engage your audience while moving them straight into your funnel.

$2,000-$3,500 (10 pages)

The money might be in the list but first you've got to get them to join! Let's create a valuable free offer so you can get permission to market to them on a regular basis. Pricing based on complexity of subject matter.

$1000 - $1500

Just need your existing copy or web content tweaked and polished? Refresh or reiterate long-form sales pages and websites. Please note eligibility for this service requires existing, profitable drafts (the engine needs to be running before we can "tune" her up).

+15-25% of project cost

Get it "yesterday" by making it a rush order (subject to availability).


There Are Limits To My Mental Bandwidth!

Like most humans, I have a limited number of hours in my life. And I only work with a small handful of clients at any given time.

I'm not an AI bot (hopefully never will be, yikes!)...

I'm not one of those mass-messaging SEO writers either...

I only write copy that counts. Which requires a craftsman's approach to this business, allowing me to give the utmost attention to bringing in results.

When my pipeline is full you might find one of these where my contact form should be:

Closed For Business! Don't let this happen to you...

(Don't let this happen to you.)

Right now I've currently got a slot for one or two new clients in my schedule.

But not for long!

Between my clients and my own projects, there's only so much I can squeeze in a day. That's why you need to act fast... all it takes is waking up to one single email in my inbox for my entire month to completely fill the rest of the way up.

You've been warned.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by...

Brian James is an exceptional copywriter who pays the utmost attention to his work. He is a go-giver and really takes the time to understand his clients' clients before taking on any writing project. I would recommend him a thousand times if I could. He values his clients and provides an amazing result-driven service.”

Allen Wu (Efinancial)

"He ran with the information we gave him, made it flow, and appealed to our potential customers. I received a lot of positive feedback, and 3 new customers within the first 10 days of advertising our site using Facebook. I HIGHLY recommend Brian and consider him a friend as well as the reason my business is getting new customers. Thanks Brian!”

Joseph Smith (Joseph H. Smith Landscaping Services)

Remember, All It Takes Is One Smart Tweak! (To Radically Increase Your Online Sales Conversions)

Believe it or not even weak sales pages sometimes do an "okay" job of selling...

(Not to talk myself out of a career or anything.)

But this also means that sometimes all it takes is one single methodical tweak of a headline, hook or call-to-action to RADICALLY increase conversions (and recoup the investment you make in copywriting expertise).

So don’t wait until your competitors stumble across this page and get me working for THEM.

You know what to do next: submit the contact form to get started!

Looking forward to it.

Brian James

P.S. My years studying and implementing strategies that convert have afforded me the ability to stay in business for over a decade and a half now…

I started at nothing and built this business while living in various tropical paradises and mountain cities around Asia.

You may not have the same freewheeling lifestyle as I do... but how would your life change if we could make your business a LOT more profitable?

Get in touch and let’s find out.

P.P.S.  Look, I know these hard-hitting sales pages can feel a tad alienating sometimes. They WORK but sometimes they're a little "saucy" for a logical person like you or me...

I haven't forgotten that you're a real person over there, though, and I'm a real person too.

(Just in case you're wondering.)

So feel free to drop a message or connect on LinkedIn with questions anytime!